A Fairy World

Cold Spring

The Ice Queen Returns

With Spring Festival only 3 days away, fairies start to freeze. Dollerien and Lava Gold try to figure out why.

Dollerien organizes people to hide in their homes and other safe places.

Lava Gold builds flies cams to monitor the town.

They both sit atop the castle and wait as the festival approaches. The castle freezes and they save the Fairy Queen.

They find frozen fairies that can move. They fight a couple of guards, and then meet Ewora Lurett the Ice Fairy Queen. She has been banished for 200 hundred years by the fire fairies and now wants to plummet the world into a 200 hundred year winter.

Lava Gold hides ready to fight.

Dollerien talks to her and convinces her to talk to the fairy queen.


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